(Trying something new) High Scores

-Since 2011 or 2012, I have been keeping notebook paper and mechanical pencils by my side…but not just for writing down ideas.

For years, I have always wanted to keep track of my high scores whenever I game. Since 2015, I have been saving these scores in a Notepad file, and you can get in on it as well.

Here’s how I do it:

-For best results, games MUST have a scorekeeper.
-For games that use a different type of scoring, a 0 will be added to the end of the score at the end of a timed session or if another goal had been reached. (For example, if I played a game such as NASCAR Heat 3, I would multiply my Speed Rating times 100. Example: 95 x 100 = 9500).
-Cheating in games on systems you own is NOT allowed, with the exception of the PS2 (no online functions whatsoever) and emulated games. For most Konami games in MAME, for example, cheating will NOT be tolerated, and you’ll receive an 11F: BAD crash screen if you do on certain stages if the game was a side-scrolling beat-’em-up like The Simpsons, for example.
-For days that games are not played, an OFF is required. (Reasons why should be in parenthesis, and is also required.)


Game Number. Game Title (Developer, Publisher (if any), year the game was made) – extra details go here (more here if necessary)
Notes and results taken here vary, depending on the game played.

sometimes, Character Name (vehicle or object, if any):
Then results go here.

Grand score after game is finished: Points go here. (If multiple games are played: scores from those games + the current game when finished Score Attacking = grand total points)


About me…

-I got my first computer in 1994 (a Brother WP-3410 word processor) but didn’t start writing until mid-to-late 1995.
-I am a big gamer. I have been video gaming since 1992 and I enjoy playing various genres. I also enjoy playing arcade games as well.
-I enjoy all types of music.
-I love adventures.
-I have a bit of a vivid imagination.
-I enjoy doing research and exploring the world around me.
-I love writing and blogging.